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Here is a free Google app I wrote.

This app will allow you to send passwords to Individuals without knowing their Cellular provider

Posted by Jeremy D. Stakich on January 10, 2016

This app will send passwords through Gmail to any cell phone.

The reason I wrote this is because everyone knows that if something can be encrypted then it can be decrypted . So my logic is if you can pass the password from the person creating it to the person using it WITHOUT sending it at all then why not do it that way?

1. First of all the person creating the password in whatever system would create a document for the password rules such as the ones in the Google Doc I have below....or they can use this one. I will be sharing the source code to this app soon and will show you where to change the link but for now just know that when you send a password through this app these rules will be sent to your end user. Feel free to send a free password text to your phone.

The reason I broke the password down into three sections is that it is proven that people remember things broken down into three parts more accurately. Also remember that whoever creates the password should be creating them using different selections in dropdown one and dropdown two each time. This keeps everything randomized meaning its less likely that someone will be able to figure out someone else's format. The reason the third part of the password is keyed and not selected is also to keep it random.

If one sends a password via this method , in my opinion after being around Hipaa and CJIS rules for quite some time......this would meet both of their requirements.

Click here for the rules.

2. After filling out the form in the app.

The app can be found here..

3. Just click Send
4. Click Turn Ok.

5. Two texts are then sent to your end user.

6. One has the rules link and the other has the untranslated password you sent.

7. This is what the texts look like. 8. Yours of course will be sent from whatever gmail account you create.

Thats all there is to it.

Photographs and ScreenShots by Jeremy Stakich.