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My name is Jeremy Stakich and I have been a software developer since 2006. Below you will find my contact information and history with regard to development.

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Here is a brief description of my experience.

Currently learning Pentaho,Google App Scripts,CakePHP,& Linux , Application development with a variety of console, web and windows form applications using Visual Basic, C#, HTML, Visual Studio, ASP.Net, ASP, VB.Net, C#.Net, PHP, SQL, MYSQL , PL SQL, Javascript , Apex-Oracle Development , VB Script , with a job-proven ability to learn new processes and languages as required. I am highly proficient in SQL and Transact-SQL Design and the creation and Administration of reports in Reporting Services, ability to create applications that will automatically generate Crystal Reports as needed or through scheduled tasks, have used XML XSL , JavaScript and VB Script to create electronic forms used to help companies go paperless with their approval processes, programmatically create feeds from Active Directory that were written to SQL databases used by many Sites to control functionality, can use .Net Framework in VB apps to take advantage of the many benefits such as spell check and converting Word documents to PDF on the fly, Recent development with PHP and MYSQL which entailed pulling in web site statistic using PHP then writing those stats to MYSQL databases later to be picked up by other vb.net consoles, Have created many applications that generated Excel workbooks pulling in data from txt and XML files. I have a proven ability to develop entire core applications from the ground up, which includes but is not limited to; all interface types, processing algorithms, and database design. I am highly trained in all Information Technology-centric standards and practices, such as design, testing, documentation, process flow, troubleshooting, and analysis. I have extensive knowledge and experience in maintaining legacy software, with a proven record of on-time and on-or-under budget project completions. Also, my work as a single developer and part of several integral Information Technology teams has a proven record of success that can be displayed by millions of dollars and thousand on man-hours saved across the entire corporate structure.