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Code Snippet (Create Table in MySQL)

Posted by Jeremy D. Stakich on January 11, 2016

Below is a code snippet for creating tables in MySQL.

CREATE TABLE users ( id INT AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY, email VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL, password VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL, created DATETIME, modified DATETIME ); CREATE TABLE bookmarks ( id INT AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY, user_id INT NOT NULL, title VARCHAR(50), description TEXT, url TEXT, created DATETIME, modified DATETIME, FOREIGN KEY user_key (user_id) REFERENCES users(id) ); CREATE TABLE tags ( id INT AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY, title VARCHAR(255), created DATETIME, modified DATETIME, UNIQUE KEY (title) ); CREATE TABLE bookmarks_tags ( bookmark_id INT NOT NULL, tag_id INT NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (bookmark_id, tag_id), FOREIGN KEY tag_key(tag_id) REFERENCES tags(id), FOREIGN KEY bookmark_key(bookmark_id) REFERENCES bookmarks(id) );

Thats all there is to it.

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