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Controlling Google App updates on Android Devices

How to turn On or Off Google Updates on Android

Free Application Update (Device Info)

Get your Device Type for Mobile and Your Operating System for Mobile or PC (Seen at Bottom of App.)

Free Application

Get your Latitude , Longitude , Address , and IP Address.

3 part Tutorial on Netbeans and Cakephp and Xdebug

Learn how to attach and debug any PHP application within Netbeans.

Linux Desktop Icon

Code Snippet (Create Icon on Desktop to application in Linux-Fedora 22)

Gmail - Unread mail- Apps Script (Code Snippets)

Google App Script to pull your unread Gmails into a Google Sheet

Google Apps Script (Code Snippets)

Google Apps Scripts I put on Github (Free Scripts)

Free Google App for Gmail.

App that will move your attachments in Gmail to Google Drive (Free App)

Free Form App for Reporting. Win Form Type App for reporting (Free App) Console that exports SQL or Oracle Data to CSV or TXT. Console that exports SQL or Oracle Data to CSV or TXT (Free App)

Embedding a Google Form into Apex.

Code Snippet (Google Form Embed - Iframe)

Write to MySQL with Google Apps Script.

Code Snippet (MySQL and Google Apps Script)

Sending email behind Google Form.

Code Snippet (Send Email through Google form)

Donations Welcome

Donations Welcome.


Code Snippet (Create Table in MySQL)

Free Texting App

Free App to send Encrypted Passwords Via Text

Pentaho Jobs

How to schedule a Job in Pentaho 6

Pentaho And Gmail

How to send a Gmail through Pentaho 6